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You’re looking for relief. mg游戏是来帮你找到缓解疼痛的方法的. 其中的一部分是确保你在每一步都了解情况并做好准备.

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No one knows your pain better than you. 请帮助mg游戏了解您的感受,以便mg游戏引导您获得正确的信息

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许多一刀切的治疗方法不能提供长期的缓解, 波士顿mg游戏app疗法可以定制治疗您独特的疼痛. The more we can personalize your treatment, 你就越有可能经历持久的疼痛缓解.

SCS疗法使用一种植入装置来传递轻微的电脉冲 interrupt pain signals your nerves send through your spinal cord. This can help prevent you from perceiving the pain.

这种微创门诊手术使用一个小间隔器 缓解腰椎管狭窄症(LSS)相关疼痛.

射频消融术是一种微创的门诊手术它利用热能来 interrupt pain signals at the source.

Mary M., SCS patient since 2013
“My leg doesn’t bother me anymore. That’s what I’m really happy about.”
— Shirley
Chris B., SCS patient since 2014
Shirley P., Vertiflex Procedure patient since 2018
Karen M., SCS patient since 2016





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Question 1 / 8

Have you been suffering from pain
for more than 6 months?