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气球:膨胀和提取 (1)

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  • 解决方案™剪辑

    The radiopaque 决议 Clip is designed for hemostasis, 内窥镜标记, closure and anchoring of jejunal feeding tubes. It also can be used for hemostasis for prophylactic clipping to reduce the risk of delayed bleeding post lesion resection.

  • 分辨率360™夹子

    决议 360 Clip builds on the strong clinical and economic track record established by 决议 Clip. The 决议 360 Clip has controlled clip placement and 1:1 rotation designed to enable faster and more accurate placement.

  • 分辨率360™ULTRA剪辑

    The 决议 360 Platform now offers standard and wide jaw clips designed to meet your clinical needs.

腔内手术设备 (1)

内窥镜关闭 (1)

  • 螳螂™剪辑

    MANTIS Clip (abbreviated as MANTIS) is purpose-built for closing large defects¹ in the GI tract. With proprietary TruGrip™ anchor prongs, MANTIS is designed to deliver tissue span and apposition capabilities, enabling a novel approach to closing defects less than 3 centimeters.2,3

肠内访问 & 喂食管 (1)

基准标记 (1)

  • LumiCoil™ Platinum 基准标记

    LumiCoil Platinum 基准标记 feature platinum construction designed for clear visibility in CT, x射线, 欧盟, CBCT, 和核磁共振检查.* The use of fiducials may lead to more accurate targeting in delivery of radiation.


  • 一次性使用径向爪™ 4 Biopsy 钳

    Our biopsy forceps include sizes from Standard Capacity to Jumbo to Large Capacity, providing options based on physician preference and a variety of disease states. Hot, Pediatric, and Multibite™ 钳 options can be found in our catalog.

  • SpyBite™Max活检钳

    对遗产的设计改进, SpyBite Max Biopsy 钳 has been shown to acquire more than 2X tissue in an average bite*.

    使用SpyGlass™系统和SpyBite活检钳(灵敏度86%)在直接可视化下进行活检,可以更快, more accurate diagnosis of malignancies ¹ .


  • Dreamwire™ High Performance Guidewire

    The Dreamwire High Performance Guidewire has a 10cm hydrophilic Dream Tip™ End, 为软设计, 光滑的访问. Its Endo-Glide™ Coating promotes smooth tracking and enhances tactile sensation.

  • 九头蛇Jagwire™高性能导丝

    九头蛇Jagwire导丝在一根导丝上提供了两个尖端——一个10厘米和一个5厘米的亲水尖端——让医生能够使用其中一个或两个. The 10cm hydrophilic Dream Tip™ End is 为软设计, 光滑的访问. Its Endo-Glide™ Coating promotes smooth tracking and enhances tactile sensation.

  • Jagwire™高性能导丝


  • Jagwire™ Revolution High Performance Guidewire

    The Jagwire Revolution High Performance Guidewire is a versatile .025” guidewire engineered to have the stiffness and pushability that you would expect in our Jagwire .035’’ guidewire combined with both access and exchange characteristics to help improve cannulation success in challenging anatomy.

  • NaviPro™亲水导丝


  • NovaGold™高性能导丝

    The NovaGold High Performance Guidewire is an .018” guidewire that provides a Triton™ Alloy Core for durability and a radiopaque tip for visibility.

感染预防 (1)

  • CinchPad™内窥镜运输垫


  • 合规EndoKit™


    SIK-242 contains the Koala™ Cleaning Sponge plus Pure™ Enzymatic and 850ml EcoBowl.


  • HedgeHog™ Endoscope Cleaning Brushes

    A variety of cleaning brush options are available to provide endoscope channel cleaning according to customer needs.

  • EndoGlide™润滑剂

    EndoGlide lubricating jelly was specifically formulated by gastroenterologists for endoscopy.

  • Pure™酶促洗涤剂

    Pure Enzymatic Detergent provides low foaming detergent in an environmentally friendly biodegradable solution.

  • Blox™咬块

    Blox Bite Blocks are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate patient and clinical needs.

  • EndoArmor™礼服 EndoArmor™+ Surgical Gown

    EndoArmor +外科手术服已经过测试,以满足ANSI/AAMI PB70:2012液体阻隔性能和用于医疗机构的防护服装和窗帘分类的3级要求.

    EndoArmor +手术服是一次性个人防护装备,旨在由医护人员穿戴,以帮助保护患者和医护人员免受微生物的传播, 体液, 微粒物质.

  • 虎鲸™阀门

    虎鲸一次性阀门是一种新产品,旨在最大限度地减少感染传播的风险,并通过消除清洁和跟踪的需要来提高效率, offering single use benefits with the same feel and performance as re-usable valves.


探针 (1)

检索设备 (1)

  • RescueNet™检索网

    The RescueNet Device is specifically designed for optimal visibility, control and strength for quick and efficient foreign body removal.

  • 救援™检索设备

    The Rescue 检索设备 are specifically designed for optimal maneuverability and grasping power.

  • TrapEase™息肉陷阱

    设计为安全的标本处理, easy and convenient removal of polyps and to help prevent loss of polyps during suction.

一次性范围 (1)

  • SpyGlass™发现数字导管


陷阱 (1)

  • Captivator™COLD一次性陷阱

    Captivator™COLD Single-use Snare是针对冷阱息肉切除术进行优化的,设计用于有效切除扁平病变和小型息肉.

  • Captivator™II一次性陷阱

    The Captivator II 陷阱 are the first line of stiff and rounded snares, with hot and cold snaring indications. A variety of size options help manage different polyp types.

  • Captivator™一次性陷阱

    The Captivator Single-Use 陷阱 are designed in oval, crescent and hexagonal shapes for the removal of polyps and tissues from within the GI tract.

  • Rotatable Single-Use Polypectomy Snare

    Rotatable snare is designed to provide 360 degree rotation to help access difficult polyps.

  • Captiflex™一次性陷阱

    The Captiflex Snare incorporates a braided wire design engineered to produce a flexible snare. The Captiflex oval-shaped snare is available in three sizes: 11mm, 13mm and 27mm.

  • Profile™一次性陷阱

    The Profile™一次性陷阱 are engineered to fit through most 2.0mm儿科工作通道. It is an Oval, Flexible snare and is available in three sizes: 11mm, 13mm and 27mm.

  • Sensation™ Single-Use Short Throw 陷阱

    The Sensation Short Throw Snare has a short throw handle that is designed for nurse and technician comfort. It is available in a range of shapes and sizes including 13mm, 27mm and 30mm.

支架:胃肠 (1)

  • AXIOS™ Stent and Electrocautery Enhanced Delivery System

    AXIOS支架和电灼强化输送系统*是美国第一个也是目前唯一一个在欧盟成像指导下用于经胃或经十二指肠内镜下有症状的胰腺假性囊肿和壁性坏死引流的支架.S., providing an endoscopic treatment option. 以前可用的内镜下治疗胰腺假性囊肿的技术最初不是为这种类型的治疗而设计或设计的.

  • WallFlex™Biliary RX支架

    The WallFlex Biliary RX Fully Covered Stent System RMV is currently the only biliary metal stent in the U.S. for indwell up to 12 months in the treatment of benign biliary strictures secondary to chronic pancreatitis.

  • WallFlex™结肠支架


  • WallFlex™十二指肠支架

    Advanced stent technology that offers treatment options for palliation.

  • WallFlex™食管支架

    mg游戏的WallFlex食管支架为由内在和/或外在恶性肿瘤引起的食管狭窄患者提供了腔道通畅, through combination of flexibility and control for optimized patient care. 请看下面的新临床数据.